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Howard Games is a family owned and operated company focused on bringing interactive and fun speaking games to families and organizations around the world.

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About Us: About Us
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Lisa Howard

CEO / Game Creator

Lisa is the matriarch of the team. As a long-time member of Toastmasters International, Lisa learned the
value and fun of impromptu speaking. She brought this activity to her extended family at occasional get-
togethers, which soon became fondly known as “The Speech Game”. This began the creation of Find
Your Voice, enabling everyone to have as much fun. Lisa has her AAS in Paralegal Studies and BS in
Business Administration. She has worked as a litigation paralegal or over 30 years. Lisa and her sons,
Roman, Hunter and Aris enjoy playing many types of games and working together on this game has been
both an adventure and learning experience. Lisa plans to continue developing games, activities and Find
Your Voice expansion packs, which will be made available on the website. Lisa has
very much enjoyed working on this game with her sons and feels it has brought them all closer and will
do so for many years.

About Us: About Us
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Aris Tarchinski

Treasurer / Developer

Aris is our youngest team member. At eighteen, he has not only made pivotal contributions to Find Your
Voice but has actively participated in our many market research game plays. He has the ability to
perceive how people are responding to differing game play options, to create specific ideas for new
scenario cards and Bonus Opportunity cards and to foresee how things will and will not reach our goals.
Aris has helped keep the game true to our original concept and was willing to compile and examine
extensive market research for us to best understand how the game was being received and perceived.

His contributions kept the game development moving in the right direction. At eighteen, Aris is not only
an accomplished game developer and marketer, but he is also a licensed private pilot and is working
toward his goal of becoming a commercial airline captain.

About Us: About Us
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Hunter Tarchinski


Hunter is our Go-To for adding specific game instruction revisions, knowing what to discontinue and
where to build. He is a computer/cyber security expert for the US Navy and offers a unique analytical
perspective. His insistence has propelled this final version of the game to a higher level. His
contributions have ensured a successful final product. His greatest contribution was game instructions
and attention to the required details for box design. Hunter is an avid game player as well and has
accomplished many of the popular computer games of his generation. His guidance will ensure
continued success of Find Your Voice and for the success of future games.

About Us: About Us
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Roman Tarchinski


Roman is a talented musician, sound engineer, game player/developer, building contractor who specializes
in design and is pretty much a “Jack of all Trades”. Roman brought his game design and play insights to
the table for Find Your Voice. His contribution included naming the game and including many play
aspects that brought additional challenge and opportunity to the game. Roman led the team in selecting
physical design of the game and brought clarity and decisiveness to the function and goals of the game.
His girlfriend Jess brought the logo from a rough draft to a close final fruition where our graphic designer
could complete the unique exclamation point within the microphone. The logo depicting both
excitement and speaking. Roman is VP of Howard Games, LLC and continues to participate in marketing
strategies and future game idea development.

About Us: About Us
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